JILZARAH Premium Clay Beads

JILZARAH is a premium jewelry line specializing in handmade polymer clay beads. Jill Manzara, the founder of JILZARAH, is a pioneer who brought clay beaded jewelry to market over a decade ago. With years of experience behind her, she has now created a premium jewelry line showcasing a new standard of design and quality.

JILZARAH products start with unique, original artwork created by Jill Manzara, and daughter, Shayla Manzara. These exclusive designs are then brought to life by skilled artisans using a technique called “caning."  Once the beads are hand-rolled from the original cane, they’re baked in low-temperature ovens, cooled, buffed, cleaned, and finally, made into the JILZARAH pieces you love.

The material used to make JILZARAH products is polymer clay – a synthetic clay with a resin base. It’s extremely durable and showcases the vibrancy of our colors beautifully. Our designs are never painted on – the pattern on each original piece is layered all the way through the clay and will never wear off. All JILZARAH products are made from only the highest quality clay available, premium metal parts and exclusive JILZARAH designs. 

"The JILZARAH line is one that I am deeply proud of. I wanted to push the envelope and take this craft to a higher standard of quality. It’s my dream to share my passion for clay beads and love for design with every person who wears JILZARAH. Each piece carries with it my zest for life and drive to create. May each precious bead bring you hope and inspiration to reach for your dreams, whatever they may be. Thank you!”

 Jill Manzara
 Founder, Designer, Visionary

Jill Manzara